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Mark Foster Law is a law firm that practices business law and more Mark Foster Law offers clients representation in International and Domestic law for businesses and government entities Mark Foster is an experienced attorney specializing in Business, Government, International and Domestic Law

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We’re headquartered in Silicon Valley with our Affiliate Counsel, Bergeson LLP, maintaining affiliates in Tokyo and Washington, D.C. Since our founding in Tokyo, we’ve represented businesses of every size in transactions and ventures on every continent. And we’ve represented governments, venture capitalists, industry associations and business-government consortia as well.

Our roots are in the U.S. electronics, telecom, medical device and other high-tech industries. Mr. Foster founded the firm initially to provide representation in Japan to the U.S. Electronic Industries Association (EIA) and members. The Firm provided aggressive representation to U.S. high-tech companies, exploiting the market openings achieved by the U.S. during the U.S.-Japan trade negotiations in the 1980’s. Having played a significant role himself in opening Japan’s telecom market as Special Counsel to the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, Foster was a pioneer in representing U.S. industry as lawyer and lobbyist in Japan.Foster also served as Counsel to the combined EIA/American Electronics Association Tokyo office. Foster’s work contributed to opening up not only Japan’s telecom sector but it medical device, industrial machinery, processed foods and steel markets, sending new U.S. value-added exports to Japan.

Our first U.S. office was established in Portland in the late 1980s where we helped grow the “Silicon Forest” high-tech corridor. We’ve handled over a dozen significant foreign direct investment transactions, as well as the state’s largest real estate transaction, a $104,000,000.00 deal. We’ve assisted in start-up and growth of some very successful high-tech companies, including a number of companies funded with venture capital from the U.S., Japan, Europe and India.

We are privileged to have worked for some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. We’ve served as outside general counsel, organized companies, obtained financing, established domestic and worldwide sales channels, and handled corporate governance and domestic and transnational mergers and acquisitions for numerous companies at just about every stage of their activities.

We’ve handled a number of significant international trade cases. Through the “Super 301”  Forest Products trade action that we handled on behalf of TrusJoist Corporation against discriminatory Japanese tariffs, we succeeded in reducing from 18% down to 3% Japan’s punitive tariffs on U.S. engineered lumber products. We’ve successfully lobbied and litigated in Washington, Tokyo and Brussels on behalf of U.S. medical device, telecom, electronics, semiconductor, agricultural product and other manufacturers, increasing U.S. exports of value-added products.

Other “firsts” include successfully obtaining coveted certifications by Japan’s MITI of several large U.S.-based steel mills, permitting direct export of U.S.-made steel into Japan!  We won similar results for makers of medical devices, industrial machinery, forest products, telecom hardware and others. Each U.S. plant that gets export-certified enables U.S.-based job retention or creation.

During 2002 - 2004 Foster served as General Counsel, Vice President, Secretary and Executive Officer of Natus Medical Inc. (NASDAQ:BABY), founded and chaired by Dr. William New, long a client of the firm. Our proprietary consultancy TRADE Ltd. continued to provide consulting to clients in transnational regulatory affairs matters.

Now headquartered in Silicon Valley with affiliated offices in Tokyo and Washington, D.C., we welcome your inquiries. Contact us
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