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Regulatory and Government Affairs
We’re a business law firm, and more.

Representation Before Foreign and U.S. Legislative Bodies and Regulatory Agencies

Representation Before Foreign and U.S. Regulatory Agencies
Often, the viability of our clients’ businesses depends on highly competent, timely, and successful representation before regulatory agencies domestically and overseas. Many of our clients’ most highly value-additive products and services are strictly regulated by governments worldwide, often in non-transparent ways that discriminate against or even prohibit non-domestic suppliers. We’ve pioneered methods of dealing successfully with Japanese and other regulatory bodies.

We actively represent clients before U.S. regulatory agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). 

Technical & Regulatory Projects and Transactions
We have focused on breaking down foreign “technical barriers to trade” caused by excessive government involvement in drafting and certifying compliance to product technical standards – a major problem in Japan, Europe and elsewhere. Foster literally wrote the book on obtaining government regulatory approvals in Japan for telecom equipment, medical devices, and electrical industrial equipment. We have obtained regulatory approvals for literally dozens of companies and products, contributing to US exports and global trade.

We have an enviable track record, and often solve seemingly insoluble commercial problems with innovative solutions – using litigation, administrative hearings, lobbying, and smart negotiating, as necessary -- crafted on the basis of our understanding of domestic and international government affairs and regulation of commerce under U.S. and foreign legal systems. Contact us.

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